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Financial Records for businesses in the informal sector – Commercialis makes it possible

Posted by:Lucrezia Biteete

About 60% of the population in Uganda is employed in the so-called “informal” sector. In addition, it is common for people in formal employment to have an informal business on the side. These businesses can be anything from a corner shop to a clothes resale, from a hardware shop to a private school or a…

Using SQL Views with Entity Framework Code First

Posted by:Morgan Kamoga

I have a complex linq query with lots of joins, group by, some data aggregations, data formatting and or data projection that takes long to execute in code. How do i convert this query into a sql view and execute it on the database side using Entity framework Code first? Solution While there is a…

Same President, New Term. What Now?

Posted by:Lucrezia Biteete

The fact that the NRM stays in power does not mean this new term is not an opportunity for change. The government has many years of experience, qualified people and a vision, so it is time to make a real change for the bulk of Uganda’s population, that voted it so faithfully. A country like…

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