Laboremus Academy

Laboremus has an established internal capacity building programme where all new staff are enrolled. In addition to a personalised roadmap, each employee is taken through Microsoft Certification for Application Development, as well as other focus areas such as front-end development and user experience. Through set milestones, new team members are working closely with more experienced developers doing code-pairing and frequent code reviews for the first six months in the company. Each employee is appraised every six months, in order to help team members focus their efforts and map out their aspirations, interests and talents.

Laboremus Uganda organises one workshop every week at company level. The workshops are facilitated by employees and include topics ranging from work ethics, communication, project management, estimation and sales, to specific technical topics such as entity framework, Angular JS, mobile application development, mapping and charting, testing frameworks and case studies of specific solutions.

Laboremus Uganda also offers the possibility to travel to Norway for six months for further training. Through a cooperation with Fredskorpset, a Norwegian programme, two persons are in Norway and two persons from Norway in Uganda at any one time. This greatly improves the cooperation between Oslo and Kampala, and provides the opportunity for both companies to get exposed to a new culture.

It is our aim that in the long term, Laboremus Academy can also become an oportunity offered to the IT sector at large, and not only to our own employees.

Our Clients

We pride ourselves in long-standing client relationships and a culture of accountability and high ethical standards.

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