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Private businesses as well as government institutions are increasingly seeing the benefits of digitising files and documents. Documents can be searched and accessed instantly, instead of looking for them for hours (and sometimes days). Access can be restricted and security features added, and they can be viewed across branches or offices. Online storage is also becoming cheaper with different cloud providers. A number of companies offer digital archive solutions, however, clients often find them too complex or too expensive.

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Laboremus Uganda can offer digital archives based on our Construo platform within a wide range of price and functionality. We make sure you get only the features you actually need, and tailor the indexing process to your business nature. From a simple viewing version, we can increase the complexity to add collections, roles with different access levels, personal collections, packaging and sending options as well as commenting and audit trails. The digital archive can be integrated with existing systems such as billing systems, workflow systems or intranet systems.

Laboremus Uganda has developed several digital archives for banks in Norway and Africa, as well as the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Internal Affairs in Uganda.

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Digital Archives

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