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Our developers in Uganda are part of large projects of customised software for banks in Norway and other European countries. Based on the Construo platform, we have partly or fully delivered several complex solutions with multiple third party integrations. Our largest project is an asset management platform for Pareto bank, an investment bank in Norway. The platform interacts with several underlying systems and allows bank employees to have real-time data on investor portfolios at any time. They can manage board relations, investor relations and perform transactions on our platform, fully integrated with the Norwegian Stock Exchange. Multiply security features such as activity feeds and audit trails, as well as business rules reduce the risk of errors and ensures compliance with local regulations. The system also has an investor portal, where each investor can log in and view a customised interface summarising his/her investments at any one time.

Executing projects of this size requires large developer teams to be working in a coordinated setting, often across continents. We use the Agile project management methodology, which breaks down the project in smaller iterations and have frequent interactions with clients. We have dedicated and professional project managers, as well as advisers with domain knowledge in the banking and finance sector. Our teams follow strict quality assurance procedures to ensure the highest quality products.

Other projects include an E-banking system, digital archives, invoice processing systems as well as loan application workflows. Laboremus is also looking at making business intelligence more available for banks, such as providing dashboards with key indicators for different departments.

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