How to develop a digital strategy for financial inclusion

Digital financial services are still in its infancy in Africa, at the same time the continent is spearheading innovation especially in mobile banking. With an explosive growth in smartphone usage and cheap data from mobile network providers, this area has a wealth of opportunities and plenty of room for innovation.

One of the key stepping stones to lift populations out of poverty is giving them access to financial services. These include stafe storage of money (deposits), loans, transactions and insurance. Mobile phone networks, smartphones, agency banking and mobile money now makes it possible to develop products for populations that were previously unreached.

With its experience from developed markets through the work carried out for banks in Norway by our development team in Uganda, Laboremus is well placed to introduce some of the newest trends in digital finance into this innovation space. At the same time, located in Kampala and with broad experience from rural areas, the Laboremus team has a perfect mix of skills in business development, banking and finance, technology, development and data analytics. We can help you develop your digital strategy, develop prototypes, design user interfaces, pilot new systems and advise you on the most apporpriate technology to use and how to integrate it with your existing systems. We can develop bespoke systems and mobile applications for startups who are active in this space, or simply brainstorm with you on how to reach even more people with the technology and infrastructure currently available.

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