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Development through improved monitoring, data analysis and communication

In order to reach the sustainable development goals, governments, implementing partners and funders alike will increasingly rely on technology. Through improved data analysis of existing and new datasets, interventions can be better planned and prioritised. Through rea-time monitoring using mobile phones, mapping and online dashboards, results can be tracked and partners held accountable.

Behind any successful monitoring and evaluation system is a robust monitoring and evaluation framework, that makes sure that only the relevant information is collected, and at the right intervals. In addition, the data collection needs to be structured in a way that it is practically feasible, and the people providing the data need the necessary incentives to do so. Data from existing and new sources needs to e displayed and analysed in a way that suits the target group, and with a user interface that is adequate. Our experienced advisers have extensive knowledge in the development aid sector, working with data collection tools, data collection technology as well as structuring and modelling databases. We have partners with extensive knowledge in GIS mapping and GPS technology, and will advise you on the best and most cost effective solution for your specific needs.

Technology has also a huge potential in connecting people, transferring funds to remote areas and share information such as pictures and video almost in real time. Laboremus is working with startups, social entreprises, community groups and NGOs helping them to take advantage of technology in order to enhance development.


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Tech 4 Dev’t

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